Owing to the diverse nature of Iran there are hundreds of trails, each of which has a lot to offer.

Among them, trekking in the Alamut Valley which is mostly regarded as the best place to hike in Iran.

There are numerous rivers, high mountains, caravanserai, waterfalls, caves, springs and lakes as well as its wildlife and the simple life of people in the mountains are making make the valley worth visiting.

Activities include trekking, photography, camping, rock climbing, paragliding and skiing.

The Alamut Valley is one of the few places in Iran where you can cross from one village to the next and meet local people, but you will rarely find other trekkers doing the same as you.

I used to have a lot of plans for someone who wanted to have a few days of stay in the valley, but after doing a few hundred treks with trekkers I decided that you are the one who will tell me what is the best for you.

Important information

1. Plans are mostly for 3 days and 2 nights (but can be longer). 2 day treks are also possible but these might not give you the best opportunities.

2. I operate tours for travelers of any age.

3. You will not be carrying all luggage during the trek, you can leave it at my place or it will be carried with a horse or a mule if you need it all during the trek , You will just need a day pack.

4. if you are going to have a trek with me, everything from picking you up in Qazvin, Tehran or airport and return will be included in the price. (Guiding, transport, accommodation, food). nothing extra will be charged.

5.You will find me very flexible about the plans and trek.

6. To help economy and involve the locals in Alamut I am working with some experienced mountaineers who can speak English.

Mostly travelers are looking for a couple of days hiking in the area including some nice landscape and watch a bit of wildlife but each has their own preferences. For every style I can offer some options, so now, for your best option, please send me an email and describe these points.

1. The number of people doing the trek.

2. Some places you have hiked before.

3. If you would like to experience village life or mainly focus on trekking.

4. Whether you prefer camping out or to spend nights in a local house.

5. How many hours per day you would like to trek.

6. Any physical limits that you think I must know, like vertigo, altitude sickness… or if you are vegetarian only to make the best food 😉

7. If you are carrying good hiking shoes or I need to provide it.

8. If you do not mind, tell me your nationality.

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