Hostels in Alamut

There are few Places in Alamut valley where you can spend a night and do some activities next day.
But there are houses to rent in almost every village.
I have been working on my guesthouse for more than 5 years to make it as a destination for those who wants to have a memorable night.

My guesthouse is located outside of the village at our rice field, outside is nicely covered with mud and inside is a mix of modernity and tradition. My sister artistically decorated all the curtains and pillows with embroidery. Our little garden is just in front of it where we try to grow our own vegetable like tomatoes,cucumber, pepper, pumpkin, herbs, sunflowers…

You can have a 360° view to all the mountains around and even take a walk to wherever you would enjoy best.

Adress: Qazvin province, Shahrestan sofla, Qazidarre, Rasoul’s hostel.

Rasoul hostel

Some people feel that it might be interesting to spend a night or two in a house living with people of the valley and taste the life they live. There are also plenty options to experience this!

اقامتگاه رسول واقع در الموت غربی در فضایی امن و آرام میزبان شما میهمانان گرامی می باشد. برای اطلاعات و رزرواسیون با این شماره تماس بگیرید 09191902485

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