Alamut Valley

The Greatest combination Of History and Nature in Iran

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Surrounded by high mountains Alamut bring great opportunities for long trail hiking

Places To Stay

where you will taste the authentic way of life in Alamut and ultimate comfort and peace at the same time

Road Trip

Going up the pass and down to the deep valleys and many highlights in the area would be a good mixture

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About me

When I was in high school, around 2009 I did not have any idea about a foreigner, tourist, their language or whether I will see one in my life or not. One day I was heading back home from school and I saw someone coming towards me and speaking in a very strange language which was English actually. I do not  exactly remember continue reading…

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If you are interested to visit Alamut, whether you need a guide or not, it would be a pleasure to hear from you and give you some tips

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